A typical irrigation installation at Good Guys Landscaping on Cape Cod starts with a property survey and walk around.  Once the coverage for desired lawn  areas are determined we have our licensed plumber install a back flow device which will regulate the flow of water to your new irrigation system.  Our irrigation systems come complete with a hunter pro-c control clock, hunter wireless rain sensor, hunter valves, Hunter rotator and pop up head, and are piped in 1’’ poly pipe.  Once your irrigation system is installed we offer full service on all your system needs.

Irrigation Maintenance

Typically our customers schedule an irrigation system start up in the spring.  This is when we turn your water on to the irrigation system and inspect the entire system for leaks. At that time we make all necessary manual adjustments for the lawn’s proper coverage.  We finalize this service by setting an appropriate watering schedule using the control clock.

Then in the fall our customers typically schedule their irrigation system winterization.  The service consists of blowing air through all your irrigation system zone lines to prepare them for the winter months.  It is important to schedule this service when someone is home so that our irrigation technician can properly drain the pipe between the back flow device and then shut off valve inside your home.

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